Auto-Complete in Dynamics CRM Controls

This is something we wanted since long time and till the date we have done it through custom java script – Auto-Complete for web client. however same code does not work for mobile client or tablet app.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 update 1, Now you can add Auto complete control to your existing text field in few clicks which is completely out of box. (ONLY FOR PHONE & TABLET CONTROL)

Refer following steps to convert any text field on the form in to auto complete text control

Step 1. Go to the form editor and select required text field attribute and open field properties window.

field properties

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Hide Sub Grid Tab For New Record

Let’s make new entity record form more neat and clean by hiding related entity sub grid on the form and displaying it again after creating or saving the record, The reason behind doing this is to avoid the CRM user confusion. By default sub grid will don’t have ADD(+) icon on the left side of grid until user saves the record & blank grid is not adding any sense to be displayed on the same form.

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Retrieve data about lookup properties – Using Web API

While querying data using Dynamics CRM 2016 Web API you may require to get the additional information associated with lookup field in the selected entity (Right now only ID of the lookup record will return in response). Although calling Web API is very straight forward in Dynamics CRM 2016 but to retrieve the data associated with Lookup field you would need to pass the additional headers with every API request.

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Grid Formatting In Dynamics CRM 2016

After searching a lot about grid formatting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 I came to know that there are no supported way to make it as per our requirement. The reason behind changing look and feel was to make grid more readable, existing one has complete white color background which makes difficult to visualize and relate adjacent records if there are so many columns and rows.

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